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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walking into clean home!

Ahhh yes.... walking into a clean home upon arrival from work, or from leaving the home for a few hours... what bliss....

I'm not quite sure why we experience that sheer euphoria. However, I do know it to be true, that we do experience that great sense of calm....

Perhaps somehow it is internalized.... osmosisized... inebrecized into us from our parents complaining about having to clean the house when we were young. Or worse yet... forcing "us" their kids to clean the house. Please don't fault me for my liberal distortions of adjectives, expressions and liberties I partake on the English language.

I only hope to express a feeling of content that we all feel when we come home to a clean home.

That is quite a different feeling that we experience when we are personally subjected to partaking in that same physical action! Cleaning is such a negative and physically demanding job. Hey, I know. I used to clean homes daily! Imagine cleaning your entire home, scrubbing the toilets and shower, mopping the floor, dusting all surface areas, cleaning countertops, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning mirrors... sweating and moving.... o.k. now imagine going to another home and starting all over!

Then off to another house..... UGGGHHH!!!!!!!!

Yes... cleaning is such a tough and extremely hard and physical job! A job that I personally did for a long time building A Perfect Shine. Even after I had my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration! O.K. my degree was from the infamous party school of Chico State... but, hey I still worked by butt off in college and I didn't slack off! Well that is a little s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

I digress.... my point being is this: Don't feel bad about using a service to clean your home. But also... realize that the people cleaning your home are working their "butts" off too. Don't get uptight about a small item missed here and there. look at the big picture.

Also... BE content walking into your clean home! This is a great feeling... enjoy it! Embrace it! You deserve it! These are life's small pleasures that few people truly understand. You belong to that club! I now am happy to belong to that club too, on occasion!

I love walking into my clean home when I manage to break a crew free from their busy schedules to clean my home!

We work very hard here at A Perfect Shine. This is a tough business all around and I am proud to own such a successful and hard working business. So here comes my pitch... Wait for it....

If you have felt any enjoyment from our services... help us out by writing a positive review for us on,,, citysearch,com...or all of the above! Or any other online review site!

Your reviews and recommendations help us succeed and thrive now and into the future. Also feel free to "like" us on Facebook. Yes, we have a facebook page.

But hey... if that doesn't float your boat, don't worry about it. Either way, we appreciate your business and we are working hard for you!!!

Above all... I wish you all much joy in life for this is paramount and imperative!