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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fidelity - A Perfect Shine Cleaning

Fidelity defined; 1. Faithfulness to obligations, duties, or observances

I feel that A Perfect Shine truly tries to live up to this one simple word. We started this company with the belief that we would offer hard work at reasonable rates. We would give all that we have and we felt we would be rewarded with reciprocal respect.

So far that philosophy has held true. Yes, on occasion we have been taken advantage of for our philosophy.

Yes at times, we may not have lived up to some person's expectations.

But if you look on whole, over 12 years of constant work, .... I think we are in balance and holding true to our beliefs.

At any point in time if our customer needs a last minute cleaning or to cancel a cleaning due to a problem we accommodate that request. We rarely raise our regular customer's rates. We have tried to hold our rates steady during these truly tough economical times. We never miss a scheduled cleaning. Hey, we may be a little late... but we are always there!!!!

We have volunteered our services to help out people w mental disabilities (hoarders), we have donated Gift Certificates to PTA,s and charitable organizations. We have helped out people that are being evicted and elderly on limited resources.

We are not a bottom line type of company. We have never tried to get the most out of our customers. We base our prices on our costs and add in a reasonable profit. We do not call our competitors and offer slightly less then their inflated rates!

We try so hard to be true to our core. All our employees are basically extended family. We strive to build something of meaning.

O.K. I really didn't intend to write some philosophical blog on our company... so i will just leave at this:

If you are a customer of A Perfect Shine: If you are ever in need, if you ever need anything... just let us know. Heck, email me personally:


Kevin Cromley